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Supporting Our Teammates - The Parent Community

This past Monday night I was the keynote speaker for the Parents Educational Resource Community (PERC) inaugural event at Stony Brook University. Parents zoomed in as the night was facilitated by Dr. Nicole Galante, head of The Center for Teaching and Learning in Community at Stony Brook.

The event, entitled Easing Your Kids Back To School

was publicized to, “... show you systems, structures, and routines to help ease your kids back to school – no matter what that looks like. Learn how to set constants to ground your household during this chaotic time and help your students (at any grade level) be successful, calm, and safe.” The night progressed and we blew away the forty-five minute time allotted. Much more than what was publicized was brought to the surface as attendees chatted questions and comments.

Fortunately, the session was recorded. View session here - EASING YOUR KIDS BACK TO SCHOOL. I encourage district and school leaders to watch the video clip themselves and then share the link with their parent community. I also encourage school leaders to raise the awareness of their parent communities around what PERC has to offer.

Parenting is hard enough. With “at home” learning, the responsibility of parenting has become at times overbearingly challenging. Parents will leave a viewing of the PERC inauguration video feeling empowered about how they can better care for themselves and their families.



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