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Go in depth on topics, breaking down each lesson into individualized segments

An important segment on maintaining the well-being of our children we break down the support into  3 micro learning videos:


Social Support

  • Healthy socialization during social distancing 

Academic Support

  • How we can best support academics 

Emotional Support

  • The best ways to support our children's emotional well-being

Easing Your Kids Back To School

Easing Your Kids Back To School

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Parent Support

A must watch for our times as we break down the shift online into 7 micro learning videos:


A Planful Shift to Online Learning

  • Keep Systems/Structures/Devices/Skills in mind as you make the shift to online learning.  Examine keys to this important first step.

Addressing the Social And Emotional Needs of Children

  • See how to take a lot of what we do in our regular classrooms with us.  SEL must come along!

Teacher Schedule

  • Self care is at the top of the list and a thorough plan can help with that.  See how planning can help classroom teachers take care of the needs of everyone in their care.


  • The online environment has caused a shift in communication.  Raise your awareness around opportunities for success and potential pitfalls.

Morning Meeting Online

  • You got this!  It’s possible!  Take a look at what some of the considerations are.

Teacher Language, A Growth Opportunity

  • Use the gift of the pause from brick and mortar to gain insight into your development with this important skill.

Content and Academic Skills

  • Examine sensible approaches to addressing these important parts of school

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