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Go With What You Know!

It’s going to be wobbly at times over the next few months.  Hopefully, you’ve taken action to care for yourself over the summer and are ready for the challenge.  There will be adjustments that you’ll have to make because of Covid19 protocols that are beyond your control.  In the spirit of what is conveyed in the “Online Shift” video series, I offer these points to consider.

Gain clarity around what the Covid19 prescribed protocols are regarding your classroom, the school, and your interactions with others.  Steer away from “They said…” and go with what is explicitly described in writing.  If you find wobbliness in what is communicated in writing, work to gain clarity and push for the appropriate revisions so that you can perform with integrity regarding this issue.

Continue to prioritize self-care.  Take all the measures you need to be as healthy as you can be.  Sleep, nutrition, movement and time with loved ones have to be at the top of your list.

Keep your expectations manageable.  This can be done with thoughtful planning that considers your energy and the energy of your students.

Lastly, Go With What You Know!  The adjustments that you're going to have to make as a result of Covid19 protocols are going to be challenging enough.  This is the time to consider what you do well and do just that.  There will be time in the future for trying new things.  Face it, you’ve already had to learn new technology and probably feel pretty good about your level of efficiency with some of it.  That’s the technology you use.  Employ the systems you’ve already mastered, lean on the skills you feel are your strongest, and stick to the structures that have proven to serve you well in the past.

The adjustments educators will have to make as a result of Covid19 protocols are going to be tasking.  By prioritizing self care and going with what you know in all other areas, you give yourself a solid opportunity for success.

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