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An Argument for Micro-Learning

Reflection on decades of direct work with educators in schools has led me to the conclusion that the most effective engagements over the years were often the smallest in duration and targeting a specific skill. Typically these opportunities arose following an observation of a teacher in action, but also happened serendipitously at the water cooler and in the hallway. I have to admit that they were always when the learner was ready. It surely was for me, the allowance and acceptance that forcing learning on a teacher is a tough challenge. We are always better meeting them where they are and being respectful of the demands of the occupation. News alert - “TEACHERS ARE ALWAYS STRAPPED FOR TIME”.

Micro-learning opportunities, when taken advantage of in person, are powerful and truly can not be replaced. However, we have learned from other professions, and by way of a pandemic, that micro-learning can and should be part of teacher professional development through distance learning. Zooming, Google Meeting, and phone chatting are powerful and should continue.

The Growth Coach Group has put together a database of micro-learning videos on mini topics that instructional coaches have encountered in schools and in the online environment. They can be beneficial to the growth process in many ways. First of all, the self directed growth minded teacher can access the database, picking and choosing targeted areas for growth. In a short time, they can be turned on to shifts in their learning that lead to shifts in their actions one small piece at a time. In addition, those working with teachers (building leaders and instructional coaches) have snippets of insights at their fingertips that can aid the teacher and instructional coach collaboration. Lastly, the database has a section on Instructional Coaching itself. This compilation is chock full of thought provoking pieces that can quicken the development of the instructional coach themself.

Visit the site - Check out a few samples. Make an account - it's free! Seek further information if you think what the site offers can help you, your school, or your district. We would be happy to help!

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1 Comment

Dave Butler
Dave Butler
Aug 31, 2020

Awesome insights. There are many examples of powerful changes brought on by small, short interventions.

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